We are looking for companies that produce and wants to innovate (community) water treatment equipment’s (POE), (portable) water filters or Point Of Use (POU) systems for developing countries. Iodine has been shown to be far more effective than chlorine-based treatments in inactivating micro-organisms. Moreover, every human being needs approx. 0,12 milligram Iodine daily, while Chlorine is carcinogenic.

WatSup is very experienced and qualified in helping B2B customers to design equipment with iodine-resin. So if you are a producer of water treatment equipment and wants to know if iodine-resin is improving the quality and capacity of your system, please contact us for further details. We will be pleased to help you design your application. 

  • Point-of-use devices treat only the water intended for direct consumption (drinking and cooking), typically at a single tap or limited number of taps
  • Point-of-entry treatment devices are typically installed to treat all water entering a single home, business, school, or facility.
  • Biologically contaminated water is water that contains micro-organisms such as Giardia, bacteria, or viruses that can lead to infections