More Applications

 1. Adsorbs X-ray waves

The two radiocontrast agents iodine and barium have ideal K-shell binding energies for absorption of X-rays: 33.2 keV and 37.4 keV respectively, which is close to the mean energy of most diagnostic X-ray beams

2. Whole House Air Purifiers

Air purifiers use a system of internal fans to pull the air in your home through a series of filters that remove harmful airborne particles like dust, pollen and bacteria. The air purifier then circulate the purified air back into the room. Iodine-Resin is a very effective and efficient disinfectant for House Air Purifiers or purifying incoming air of an Aircon system.


3. Healthy hygiene when processing, packing or transporting meat or fish on land, by air or ship.

4.  We challenge you to think carefully about issues like hygiene related to water and air treatment systems, food storage/transportation processes or anything that is related to threats of micro-organisms in water or air for human beings. In short; Think about what you are missing in your process to do the job perfectly, kill all viruses and bacteria, and let us know if you wonder if our Iodine-Resin can improve your processes. We are very pleased to help you to solve these issues. Just contact us and we will guide you through the processes.