Below you will find information about our iodine-Resin technology, ideas and suggestions, examples of product application, outstanding test reports and more. The list will grow steadily with more information from our files. All information below is from our “Previous Lifetime” from 1986 until 1998, the year that we could no longer obtain Iodine, our most crucial commodity. The mines in Chile had been closed for a number of years and on top of that: most of the available Iodine was used to Iodize salt by UNICEF, especially in Mongolia at that time.

This shocking and killing message forced us to immediately stop and postpone our activities, store the production machines and wait until the Iodine market was back in balance .

The hereunder showed examples from the past are meant to give you an idea about what we have achieved in those years and what systems and products were successful and can still be!.

The personal water purifier PWP 100 was especially designed and produced for (un) official armies by our customer Pre-Mac (Kent) ltd. These were sold to special forces like teams in 11 countries, tested against viruses and approved in laboratories in 18 countries (incl USA & UK) and tested in practice in the field in 27 countries. All virus tests with our Iodine-Resin passed successfully.  This was the status quo at the end of 1992, four years after we started supplying Pre-Mac ! You will find an anthology of the test outcomes below under Test Results Iodine-Resin.

UK Prime Minister John Major delivers our PWP water-purifiers to Colombian army officials, after the USA asked allies to support them with equipment to successfully (Dead or Alive !) hunt for popular Colombian drugslord Pablo Escobar. (1992)

In 1988 we started a production plant in then still communistic Krakow (Poland) named Prokor 1 (PROdukcja KORporacja). In Krakow our own full Watermaster III SS was produced/assembled with all original (approx. 40) components supplied through Holland

The so called WaterMaster III SS (see TAB hereunder for explanation of this product), which was designed and produced by ourselves in then still communistic Poland, was sold in > 100 countries.

The units were mainly sold to diplomats in developing countries through special diplomatic mail-order companies like Peter Justesen (Denmark) and A.Andrews (Hong Kong).