Who Are We?                                                                                                                

Brief history

WatSup.com is the relaunch of our unique Iodine-Resin and was created by Innorec Research b.v. (Innorec)

Innorec was founded in 1986 to finish the design of our iodine-resin and to initiate launching the product into the market. The business, named Cataract Systems, became operative in 1988.

In 1988, after a capital injection by external investors, the company was restructured and Peter Fonkert was appointed by the shareholders as CEO of the company.

Our Iodine-Resin was new. Unsafe drinking water in the world was hardly a concern in the minds of people in the western world (sic) and The Netherlands, our home country, already had one of the best qualities of (drinking) water in the world. This was simply because our country had/has maintained the expensive and required, underground piping system very carefully since the 19th century.

Our Iodine-Resin design was finished in 1988 and was/is no part of the standard water treatment technology in the Netherlands


In those days we had only one serious competitor in the world that produced Iodine-resin. This company, called Water Technology Corporation Inc. (WTC) was based in Minneapolis USA. WTC was licensed to use an iodine-resin patent from the Kansas State University (KSU). Since the KSU resin was patented, everybody could have a look at all production specifications of their resin. So one of the first things we did was produce the same resin that KSU had patented and compared their results with our resin. The results were fantastic news for us. Our resins capacity (i.e. how long will the resin keep killing viruses ?) was over 10 x stronger then the KSU resin. In simple words it means: One liter of our Resin could disinfect > 130.000 liters of contaminated water. One liter of the KSU resin stopped inactivating micro-organisms in contaminated water after only < 15.000 liters. Not very surprisingly sine he production processes of KSU and Cataract Systems were totally different. To have these dramatic differences officially confirmed by an independent Laboratory, look here.

WTC was listed at a US Stock Exchange. WTC was taken over and delisted from the Stock Exchange by the US Multinational 3M for more than $ 100 million. Since 3M discovered that the resin capacity was too poor and copied (patent infringement) by at least one company, they took the product out of circulation.

The penetration into the market was not easy in the 80’s and 90’s for reasons above explained. Nevertheless we managed to find applications and customers, both B2B as B2C.


Business 2 Business (B2B)

We became the unique supplier of a producer of Personal Water Purifiers for militaries by the name Pre- Mac (Kent) Ltd. Their customers were mainly Special Forces (like SAS) in many NATO member countries. All of them obtained NATO specs, based on required various virus tests performed on our Iodine-Resin by outstanding local Testing Institutions. The tests were very often performed at large concentrations of viruses (Polio 1) in water. The results of these tests were, without exception, splendid. We have added 40 pages of test results at this website under “References”.

Pre-Mac was taken over by the British Investment Fund 3i in the late 90’s. Due to very poor management and unreliability of Pre-Mac’s new Board, 3i closed their doors a decade ago.

ProKor 1. Production plant in Poland

In 1988 we opened a production plant in Krakow (Poland) named Prokor 1 (PROdukcja KORporacja)

In Krakow the full Watermaster III SS (Check “references” for full details of this Watermaster) was produced and assembled with all original (approx. 40) components from Holland, transported by truck monthly to Krakow and vice versa returned with finished products.

Recent developments

WatSup is managed by the same people that were responsible in the early days of Innorec Research. This year we have, after 20 years, re-installed our stored production equipment in Ireland and produced new batches of our Iodine-Resin. The result was exactly similar to what we have produced in the 80’s and 90’s!

Our Iodine-Resin was successfully tested at several outstanding laboratories worldwide, but the reports are not in our name. Our UK customer Pre-Mac had these tests arranged under their own name (see: References). We intend to have these tests done again under the name WatSup, but we are still doubting about which Laboratory to choose.

Virus tests are dangerous and very expensive. We want only one test, which is accepted all over the world, to confirm the quality and capacity of our Iodine-Resin. So far we have not found such an institution yet. But the good news is; We already know the outcomes of the virus tests, so we have little to worry about.

Differences now

The main difference now compared to 90’s is Internet. Internet became open for public usage in 1994, but very few companies in developing countries were using this phenomena during those years. Wide usage in the world spread out only after 2000.

So finding potential customers meant lots of preparation and travelling. The company travelled during > 10 years around the globe, more than 5 months a year, searching for partners. Each trip was carefully prepared in the Library of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, where (often outdated) information on paper of National Companies (worldwide) was available. Next step, make a selection of prospects and try to make appointments by Telex, since email/fax/reliable phone lines were hardly available in developing countries. And still it was very often a surprise what we would find, once we finally visited these companies.

Now fortunately the up-to-date selection is performed with desk research. This saves a lot of failures, time and costs. Fairs and exhibitions, like the present Amsterdam Aquatech, are a very suitable place to follow market developments and trends all over the globe. And of course to find potential partners!

Last but not least! We have decided NOT to make any application ourselves. We were forced to show the Watermaster III SS as an example of usage of our Iodine-Resin to our potential B2B customers in the late 1980’s. Purely to convince them that it works. So in fact we were competing with some of our potential clients. So for obvious reasons, we have decided to concentrate on what we do especially well; Designing and producing Iodine-Resin!